About The Event

Lady Raven Productions presents the 8th Annual Vespertine Winter Ball. Saturday, December 19th, 2020.

Hosted in Portland, Oregon, this event is a white winter, formal attire, woodland-creature costume, Gothic gala. While it has always traditionally taken place in a grand ballroom and was [originally] scheduled at the Portland Art Museum, due to the pandemic, this year’s event will be hosted virtually. Known for its elegance, high-level of entertainment and pageantry, this is a special winter gathering that is not to be missed! Featuring the best in Gothic/Synth-Pop music and captivating visual performances across 4 interactive virtual rooms. Once the Covid-19 crisis passes, the Ball will once again be hosted in person at the Portland Art Museum, in 2021.

Age Restriction: all household members who appear on-screen anytime throughout the duration of the event must be over the age of 18. To stay up-to-date on announcements, please follow the event’s Facebook Page.

12/15/20 update: There is now a Gallery featuring 200+ photos from all previous Vespertine Winter Ball events!

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Quick Event Details

  • Follow the Facebook Event Invite for Announcements
  • 8:00PM – 12:00AM (Pacific Standard Time)
  • 4 Virtual Rooms to Explore: Dancefloor, The Raven’s Lounge, Vendors Hall, Tarot Chamber
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL. If you have not yet experienced a virtual event and/or are not familiar with Zoom, please take a moment to watch our quick tutorial demonstrating what to expect.
  • Virtual Vendors Room
  • Live DJ’s: Owen (San Francisco) & Carrion (Portland)
  • Stunning Visual Performances
  • Dress Code Enforced
  • Live Tarot Readings
  • 18+ Age Restriction


Tickets are exclusively sold via our direct link to Eventbrite from this website.

Tickets are now on sale! For more information on pricing and how to purchase your tickets, please follow the link.

Dress Code

While the event is virtual this year, the Dress Code (while more relaxed in 2020) still applies. No street clothes (t-shirt/tank tops), no exception. Minimum attire includes: black dress shirt/blouse, cocktail wear, etc.

This event is known for being very ‘formal costume’ heavy. Think ‘snow queen from Narnia meets Harry Potter’. White/silver/blue attire encouraged, however, for those that still want to wear black, that is perfectly acceptable as well. In the past, the style of dress by attendees has ranged from formal/black-tie to elegant Gothic to woodland-creature costumes. Elaborate headpieces, ice crowns, antlers, etc. have always been very popular at this event. We encourage guests to look through the albums on the Vespertine Facebook Page for inspiration and photos from prior years.

Our Performers

Visual performing artists are some of those that have been financially hit the hardest by Covid-19. As a result, 100% of all ticket sales are going to the performers and DJ’s this year to help support these truly amazing and talented artists.


See you there!

The ball will start in: