As in 2019, we will once again be offering a full scale production – a complete story depicted in one continual performance. Featuring a full-cast lineup of the best in aerial and stage talent. In 2019, we saw the story of the Court of the Vampire Queen unfold and this year will be a continuation of where that story left off. Prepare to see new characters and an added element of story-line that has previously never been seen at the VMB. It will truly be something special in 2022!

The Waltz at Midnight

Back in 2008, the violinist Paul Mercer initiated what was to become a tradition every following year at the VMB, the Waltz at Midnight. While the night is filled with DJ’s and dance music, the crown jewel of the evening is the famed Waltz at Midnight when all guests are invited to waltz with their partners on the main floor. Written and composed exclusively for the VMB by ‘In a World‘, the waltz is performed live by a 10-person Chamber Ensemble featuring members from the Oregon Symphony, Vancouver Symphony, Oregon Ballet Symphony, Portland Columbia Orchestra, and Portland Opera.

In A World are the “Composers of the Macabre.” Their music has been described as haunting, cinematic, epic, ethereal, disturbing, and gothic. Their inspiration comes from a love of horror and Gothic literature, art and film, as well as travel, and experiences visiting many reportedly haunted locations.

In addition to creating 16 albums of music, scoring documentaries, short films and web series, In A World has been featured in many theme parks around the world including: Knott’s Berry Farm, Canada’s Wonderland, Rotten Apple 907, Atmosfear UK and Scream at the Beach. In A World’s music has also been used for many film, television, and gaming advertising campaigns including one of Lady Raven’s favorites, Assassin’s Creed. They have also been featured in the trailers and promos for Dead Space, Lost, America’s Most Wanted, Law and Order, Charmed, V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, The Wicker Man, Big Hero 6, The Lottery, and The Haunting to name a few.

This year’s featured music, the Masquerade Waltz, won Fan Favorite in the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards.