Spellbound Flowers

“Feral floral for a wild world"

Formerly the flower stand at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Spellbound Flowers has moved online and operates out of our private atelier in NE Portland.

FDI Certified designer, visual artist and bonafide stylish girl- Miss Nico Bella employs her design experience and knowledge of flower stories to create bespoke arrangements and bouquets for every person, place or thing. Spellbound Flowers is the design house behind the country’s only Bicycle Flower Shop, The Flower Bike.


Gothic-inspired adornments, harnesses, millinery, and handmade clothing.

Apatico is a collection of hats, headpieces, harnesses, accessories, and clothing.

Apatico is layers and juxtaposition.

Apatico is fashion, history, and fiction – remixed.

Apatico weaves new tales and modern myths.

Apatico turns heads, then disappears into the shadows.

Apatico is never too old to play dress up.

Studio Black Avenue

Handcrafted Metal Flower Blooms

Studio Black Avenuebased in Southern Oregon, is a fabricator and designer of custom metal flower arrangements and adornments.  

The space is dedicated to creating metal flower sculptures out of copper and steel, using Oxyacetylene, torch. Each creation is hand cut,  welded, reshaped, and sealed with a clear coating.  

Lolafae Jewelry

Beautifully handcrafted jewelry from Lakewood, Washington.

Handmade gemstone treasures by LolaFae Jewelry.

Maxine Miller Studios

Art prints, t-shirts, statuary, and sterling silver jewelry.

In our world, there exists tremendous interest in the ancient and mysterious Celtic and Wiccan cultures. Artist Maxine Miller has devoted many years of her artistic life to celebrating and illuminating these traditions for the people of today. Visit her online shop, Maxine Miller Studios.