VAMPIRE'S MASQUERADE BALL Lady Raven Productions presents the 18th annual Portland Art Museum Buy Tickets Now! July 25, 2020 - Portland, OR

About The Event

Due to COVID-19, the date has been changed to Saturday, July 25, 2020. Please scroll down below the event description for detailed information.

Hosted by Lady Raven Productions, Portland’s Vampire’s Masquerade Ball (VMB) is a black-tie formal event of Gothic elegance and decadence highly anticipated each year in the city of roses since 2002. The 18th VMB will be held on Saturday, July 25th, 2020. Hosted in the Portland Art Museum’s historic ballrooms spanning two floors – it’s an evening where 850+ guests from around the nation and the world gather to socialize and dance the night away in their darkest formal attire while enjoying the best in aerial and stage performances, 20+ vendors, catering, fully stocked cash bars, and live DJ’s playing Gothic/Synthpop/EBM dance music. Catering will be from Vibrant Table Catering & Events, Portland’s elite catering company. Seating in the grand ballroom is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Pictures from 2019 will be made available soon!

To stay up-to-date on announcements please follow the Facebook Event Invite and our new Instagram account. For any questions related to the event, please email Lady Raven. Scroll down to view all event information!

Re: COVID-19

[Update: April-11] I have made the decision to move the date of VMB to Saturday, July 25, 2020. I am hopeful that 15 weeks will allow enough time for the virus to recede so as to allow the events ban to be lifted. The extension of the date will also provide those directly impacted by COVID-19 more time to financially recover. This also ensures that the performers will have the time they need to re-train once the aerial studios re-open.

What happens if the ban continues through July and the event is cancelled all together? If that happens then guests will have two options: either have their tickets transferred towards the 8th Annual Vespertine Winter Ball in December 2020 or towards the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball in 2021. Refunds will not be issued. Why? Funds generated from the 2020 ticket sales is what made it possible to put down large, non-refundable, event related deposits. I appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience in this matter.

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in many different ways, some more difficult than others, myself included. To be honest, I even lost my own job two weeks ago, so I completely empathize with others who also lost theirs. It’s an awful and scary thing to lose a job and then being unable to find a new one given the current state of the world. As many of you know, especially those that have been attending the VMB for many years, the two events that I host are a labor of love, they are not profitable and they do not supplement my income. Both the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball PDX and Vespertine Winter Ball are something I do, just because I simply love doing them. They are my passion and my hobby that I host without sponsors. So I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid that this pandemic might financially destroy the VMB entirely to where the event might never happen again; but I also know that the VMB is as important to many in the Gothic/Sub-cultural/Pacific Northwest communities as it is to me. Now is the time I will appreciate all of your support the most. So let’s continue to hold out hope that at the end of all this we’ll have something beautiful to look forward to. Something to be excited about and something that will be a little ray of light at the end of what is currently a very dark tunnel.

Won’t it be too hot on July 25th? The Portland Art Museum has a very impressive A/C system. The ballrooms will be kept at a temperature that even those wearing the heaviest of velvet will feel comfortable in.

The following measures will be taken the night of the Ball:

– hand sanitizer at all bar stations for both staff and guests, seated tables, bathrooms and front entry registration tables.

– re: front doors. The security staff will open/close the main doors as guests enter/exit to ensure that guests do not have to touch the door handles.

– re: catering. To minimize cross-contamination the buffet tables will be changed to server-style. As in, catering staff will plate the food items you have selected for you.

– printed reminders placed through the venue asking guests to be mindful NOT shake hands.

– all table linens have been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned. They are owned by myself personally and have been safely stored at my home since VMB 2019.

Per an email from the VMB caterers, Vibrant Table, this is their following statement: As a leading food service provider, we already have stringent sanitation procedures and policies. Our last health inspection on January 24th we received a 100% (these are surprise visits). We also have a “Servsafe” certified team (nationally accredited food safety program).

Keep in mind, this is a masquerade ball! This opens up a creative opportunity for guests to make elaborate facial masks that cover the nose and mouth.

Additional Resources:

Oregon Health Authority
CDC Website on the COVID-19 Virus
Basic Protective Measures Against the New Coronavirus
How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

For any additional questions, please send me a email to

Kindest Regards,
Lady Raven

Quick Event Details

Saturday, July 25, 2020
Portland Art Museum
1119 SW Park Ave. Portland, OR
9:00PM – 2:00AM
21+/Full Cash Bars, both Ballrooms
Waltz at Midnight
Live Performances
DJ Carrion (PDX) & DJ Owen (San Francisco)
20+ Regional Vendors in the Lower Ballroom
Fully Catered Appetizer Buffet by Vibrant Table
Photobooth by Remembrance Photography
Coat Check
Dress Code Enforced (scroll down for further information)


The Waltz at Midnight

While the night is filled with DJ’s and dance music, the crown jewel of the evening is the famed Waltz at Midnight when all guests are invited to waltz with their partners on the main floor. Written and composed exclusively for the VMB, the waltz is performed live by a chamber orchestra featuring members from the Oregon Symphony, Vancouver Symphony, Oregon Ballet Symphony, Portland Columbia Orchestra, and Portland Opera.


Hotel Discount - The Paramount

The Paramount Hotel is located two blocks from the Portland Art Museum in downtown. For the discounted price rate and reservation instructions, please go to the information link.  Book now as rooms available at the discounted rate are limited!


Hotel Discount - Jupiter Hotel & Jupiter NEXT

The Jupiter Hotel and their second location. Jupiter NEXT, are offering VMB guests a 20% discount on all rooms! Both hotels are next to each other and a quick 8 minute drive from the Portland Art Museum – located on the opposite side of the Willamette River. For discount information please go to the information link. Book now as this hotel does sell out fast!

Meet & Greet

Held the night before the Ball, the Meet & Greet is a low-key cocktail meet up. An opportunity for out-of-towners and locals alike to relax and mingle together before the big night. Location TBD. Updates will be made available in March.

What do you mean by "Dress Code Enforced?"

The VMB is a formal event and is not to be confused with ‘costume party’. Appropriate attire includes tuxedos/suits, ball gowns, corsets, period-wear (Victorian, Edwardian, Renaissance, etc.), neo-Victorian, and formal evening gothic attire. Cocktail dresses are also appropriate. Are masks required? No, but they are encouraged. Guests wearing masks have always been around 60/40. For shopping recommendations please follow the Facebook Event Invite as we will frequently be making posts with helpful links on where to find appropriate attire.

NO STREET CLOTHES ALLOWED (blue jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.). Also, while some risqué outfits are gorgeous and can be appropriate given the theme, we ask that anything ultra-revealing/exotic remain at home as this is a formal event. If you have any questions regarding the dress code, please send us an email.


Performance Announcement

As in 2019, we will once again be offering a full scale production, a complete story depicted in one continual performance, featuring a full-cast lineup of the best in aerial and stage talent. In 2019, we saw the story 'Court of the Vampire Queen' unfold and this year will be a continuation of where that story, and some of the characters, ended. Prepare to see new characters and an added element of story-line that has previously never been seen at the VMB. It will truly be something special in 2020!


Portland Art Museum

Mark Building
1119 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon

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The annual Vampire’s Masquerade Ball (VMB) solely hosted by Lady Raven Productions is exclusive to Portland, OR. Any other events in the state or across the country with a similar name or theme are in no way related to, or sponsored by, Portland’s VMB.