2017 DJ & Performance Lineup



 DJ Ronabell (Portland)

Since 1988, DJ Ronabell has been spinning Goth/Industrial all over the United States and in Europe. Some of his highlights include Feast of All Souls at the famous Armory in San Francisco, Deacon X’s Fetish Night house DJ for 5 years, Convergence 13, Voodookiss, house DJ for The Back Room, Roughly Every Six Weeks, Club Sesso, Venom, Burning Man and much more.






DJ Owen

DJ Owen (San Francisco)

If you spend time at Gothic clubs, you have probably seen Owen around. He has been a staple in the American Gothic Scene for decades from coast to coast. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his unique way of bringing joy to a dancefloor can be experienced regularly at multiple clubs, including Dark Shadows, Batcave, and Requiem, just to name a few. A love of, and devotion to, music has manifested in many forms over Owen’s lifetime. Aside form being a trained classical musician in his own right, Owen has spun professionally in such divergent musical genres as Swing, 80’s, Indie, and Lounge. Even in the Goth/Industrial realm, he is unusually diverse, spinning anything from Ethereal, to Aggrotech & EBM, to Deathrock, to 80’s & 90’s Industrial, and much more. He simply has a passion for music, itself, and sharing the feeling of experiencing its transcendence with others. This is why he is so eager to take and play as many requests as possible from the crowd. A club is a place to feel good. The Gothic Scene is something truly special. It is more than a place to go out; it is a genuine community. This is what draws many people it be part of it and this is why many of those people continue to be with it well after their peers in age have lost interest in going to clubs. When not behind the DJ tables, you will often find Owen loving this community. Chances are good he is probably dancing on the floor or conversing with everyone. His personal contributions include creating clubs and festivals, playing benefits whenever possible, and even constructing group trips and tours. When you see Owen around, say hello, make musical requests, and most of all, have a great time. After all, we’re among friends and the joy of music. That’s a good enough reason to celebrate any night!



DJ Carrion

DJ Carrion (Portland)


2017 Visual Artists

Meraki Acrobatics, Nick Carter and Indigo Sky are courtesy of Wanderlust Circus!


Meraki Acrobatics

Meraki (may-rah-kee) Greek: The soul, creativity, or love put into your work.

Meraki duo is a performance duet specializing in combining diverse individual skills with partner acrobatics. Hand balancing, contortion, aerial, dance, and adagio are utilized to create unique, fluid, emotional experiences.

The duo is comprised of Dominic Eason and Jenae Gerstmann residing in Portland, OR. We offer duet and atmospheric performances for corporate events, music festivals, private parties, cabaret shows, and many others. Collaboration partners have included Wanderlust Circus, Super Geek League, and the Rose City Acrodevils.












Nick Carter

Nick was born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area. He has been an avid athlete his entire life; playing soccer, distance running, rock climbing and practicing yoga. He was first introduced to circus when two clowns came to his elementary school to perform and teach juggling, and it sparked his interest for life. In high school Nick was drawn to fire dancing and then later, acro yoga in college.

However, it was not until he discovered Cyr Wheel that he became completely enamored. With no prior experience or training he acquired a Cyr Wheel and began a disciplined practice of his own. With a high level of expertise, he now performs with Portland’s Wanderlust Circus and USC entertainment company.




Daniel Patrick Obey

Daniel Patrick, silly natured gymnast turned circus performer, has been training professionally for over 10 years within a variety of disciplines.  A graduate of the New England Center for Circus Arts professional programs, Daniel is skilled as a tumbler, hand balancer, and on vertical aerial apparatuses.  His enjoyment for acrobatics is motivated by the unique quality of movement one can explore testing flexibility, strength, and character.

For the past five years Daniel has performed and taught as a circus artist around the country with companies such as Aerial Horizon, Quixotic, and The Santa Fe Opera; he won Best Artistic Performance at the Acrobatic Arts Festival in 2015 (held in Denver, CO); and most recently started working with Night Flight Aerial in March of 2016 as a teacher and performer. Instagram: @circusdanny




Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky is a performing artist and educator based in Portland, OR. She specializes in an array of circus/variety acts including Aerial Silks/Lyra, Hula Hoop Contortion Act (Plus Fire/LED effects), Stilt Walking, and Roaming Characters/Strolling Acts.

She is currently a core member of the Wanderlust Circus, and works with collaborators such as March Fourth Marching Band, Supergeek League of Seattle, and Urban Circus NYC (From which she completed the Summer Intensive Training Program for Aerial Arts in 2014). She has been in practice for 5 years, and works a variety of events from large scale circus productions to variety shows,  parties, corporate events and festivals. Indigo Sky is also currently an instructor at After Glow Aerial Arts based in Portland OR, and is available for private lessons focused in aerial silks, lyra, or hula hoops.




The Waltz at Midnight will be performed by ‘In a World Music’

Back in 2008, the violinist Paul Mercer initiated what was to become a tradition every following year at the VMB, the Waltz at Midnight. While the evening is filled with gothic/industrial dance floor music, midnight is when the attention is given over to professional classical musicians and their gorgeous instruments. This is when all guests are invited to traditionally waltz with their partners on the main floor.

Note from Lady Raven ~ I am exceptionally excited for the Waltz at Midnight this year. When the lead composer of In A World Music (recent transplants to the PNW from Los Angeles) contacted me last Fall to share a waltz they had written I was absolutely enchanted by the piece. It’s very reminiscent of Danny Elfman and the work that he has done for Tim Burton, this is what this particular waltz reminds me of. It will be performed by 8 classical musicians from the Vancouver Orchestra, Oregon Symphony and Tacoma Orchestra. It’s truly not something to be missed! 

To Use2In A World are the “Composers of the Macabre.”  Their music has been described as haunting, cinematic, epic, ethereal, disturbing, and gothic.  Their inspiration comes from a love of horror and Gothic literature, art and film, as well as travel, and experiences visiting many reportedly haunted locations.

In addition to creating 16 albums of music, scoring documentaries, short films and web series, In A World has been featured in many theme parks around the world including:  Knott’s Berry Farm, Canada’s Wonderland, Rotten Apple 907, Atmosfear UK and Scream at the Beach.  In A World’s music has also been used for many film, television, and gaming advertising campaigns including one of Lady Raven’s favorites, Assassin’s Creed.  They have also been featured in the trailers and promos for Dead Space, Lost, America’s Most Wanted, Law and Order, Charmed, V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, The Wicker Man, Big Hero 6, The Lottery, and The Haunting to name a few.

This year’s featured music, the Masquerade Waltz, won Fan Favorite in the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards. This year’s performance will feature some of the finest professional musicians from the Portland / Vancouver area.  Enjoy the eccentricity that is In A World!



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