15th Annual VMB – Saturday, May 13th, 2017

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Welcome to the official website of the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball, hosted exclusively by Lady Raven Productions in Portland, Oregon.  The 15th VMB is scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2017 Tickets are projected to go on sale in late January 2017.

In the meantime, please join us this Winter in celebrating the VMB’s sister-event, the 5th Annual Vespertine Winter Ball, on Saturday, December 17th, 2016. The Facebook event invite can be found here; and for inspiration, please check out the main photo album from last year’s event as well as the photobooth album from Remembrance Photography!

What is the Vespertine Ball? It is a white winter formal/costume ball that is elegant, sophisticated, and intimate, while also fostering individual creativity for those that wish to be in costume. Featuring Gothic/Industrial music, professionally catered food, photography and a series of performances honoring the turn of the seasons and the Solstice.


$40: 12/17 only 20 tickets will be available at the door! 


IMPORTANT: Tickets purchased on 12/15, 12/16, and 12/17 will be available via will-call at the door when the event starts at 9:00. ALL TICKETS PURCHASED BEFORE 12/15 WERE MAILED OUT, tickets need to be in-hand for entry, PayPal print out is NOT valid.

*All sales are final. No refunds.

IMPORTANT: Tickets are being capped at 300 and this event is anticipated to sell out in advance, just as in 2015.

WHERE: The Melody Ballroom, in the Lower Ballroom & Lounge. 615 SE Alder St. Portland, Oregon.

9:00PM – 2:00AM
Full bar
Professionally catered food by the ballroom
Coat check
Tarot/rune readings by Jay & Jadzia DeForest of http://portlandfortunetellers.com/

Performances by:
DireWolf Omega
Guillaume Wildcat
+ more perfomer announcements to come

DJ’s: Owen (San Francisco) and Major Tom (Seattle)

DRESS CODE: No street clothes, no exception. White/silver/blue attire encouraged, however, for those that still want to wear their blackest black, that is acceptable as well. In the past, the style of dress by attendees has ranged from formal to elegant Gothic club wear, to woodland creature costume. We encourage guests to look through the albums on the Vespertine FB page for inspiraton and photos from prior years.

Lighting design/ambiance provided by GreenLight Creative, what they have planned will transform the ballroom into something really special. We’re very excited!



2016 VMB Flyer

Meet & Greet 

Held the night before the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball, the Meet & Greet is a tradition where attendees of the Ball can grab a cocktail and mingle with locals and out-of-towner’s the night before. Information on location and time to be announced in 2017.


The Waltz at Midnight  

In 2008, the violinist Paul Mercer initiated what was to become a tradition every year at the VMB, the waltz at midnight. While the evening is filled with gothic/industrial music, at midnight is when the attention is given over to classical instruments. This is when all guests are invited to waltz with their partners on the main floor. Videos of previous midnight waltz’s in past years can be viewed on our video’s link.


What do you mean by “Dress Code Enforced”? 

Essentially, no street clothes (blue jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, etc). Everything from tuxedos, ball gowns, and corsets, to period wear, neo-Victorian, your best Gothic club wear, to suit and cocktail dress apply.

Are masks required? Encouraged yes, required no. Guests wearing masks have always been around 50/50.

Where do you recommend I shop? Aside from the vast internet, you should check out what the local area has to offer in our shopping/dining link.


What is the VMB?

The Annual Vampire’s Masquerade Ball is a night of gothic elegance and decadence highly anticipated each year in the city of roses and hosted by Lady Raven Productions. It’s an evening where over 800 guests from the various gothic/industrial/alternative lifestyle communities from around the nation and the world gather in the Melody Ballroom amongst crystal chandeliers and Edwardian cornices to socialize and dance the night away. The VMB strives to offer its guests the experience of a formal gala at an attainable price; shared with like-minded company from the gothic/industrial communities who appreciate creative and individual expression, and the event is of course LGBTQ friendly.  The name “Vampire’s Masquerade Ball” is meant to evoke dark romanticism and a gothic interpretation of beauty. While the event is not sponsored or organized by the vampire community, they have always consistently been very supportive of the VMB, and are welcome to attend.

Dancing is only one of the many entertainments the VMB offers. The venue is divided between two floors with captivating live performances and local DJ’s spinning gothic/industrial in the grand ballroom; while in the lower ballroom nearly 30 regional vendors will be selling their wares. Additionally a lavish, professionally catered buffet of savory cheeses, meats, and baked goods awaits, as well as a delectable dessert selection and fountains of chocolate.

Consider the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball an opportunity to dress in your finest evening or historic dress!  Over the years the observed guest attire has included every genre from the gothic scene including old-school goth, steampunk, Edwardian, Victorian, Cyberpunk, all the way to black tie and regal ballgowns. To further clarify, the VMB being a formal event should not be confused with a “costume party” or re-enactment, and street clothes are not permitted. Guests are encouraged, but not required, to arrive masked. If you have any questions about dress code please email Lady Raven.

Please note that the Ball is reserved for guests twenty-one years of age or older. Bars in both the upper and lower ballrooms will be open and offering special cocktails for the evening as well as a full assortment of liquor.

The Melody Ballroom, site of the VMB since 2007, was established in 1925 and has been owned by the same Portland family for 23 years. Its historic ambiance is enhanced by thirty-foot ceilings, scarlet walls, marble staircases (which are wheelchair accessible using a chairlift), and as the staff say, hauntings! Guests may park across the street from the venue (in the U.S. Bank lot) or on the street, and may find nearby dining establishments within a few blocks’ walk.


This years lighting in the grand ballroom provided by:




*If you are flying into Portland: Our rail system services the PDX Airport and is a lot cheaper then taking a cab. The MAX Red Line goes from the airport all the way into downtown and passes through the hotels near the Convention Center on the East Side of the river (the side of the venue). Please visit Tri-Met to plan your public transportation needs.

Any questions about the VMB can be directed to the event’s organizer, Lady Raven











The annual Vampire’s Masquerade Ball (VMB) solely hosted by Lady Raven Productions is exclusive to Portland, OR. Any other events in the state or across the country with a similar name or theme are in no way related to, or sponsored by, Portland’s VMB.

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